Stefan Tien

Hi, I’m Stefan, a software engineer specializing in frontend.
I have over 4 years of professional experience building production ready web applications using React and Vue.

A subsidiary of Delivery Hero, a global leader of the food delivery industry
Frontend Software Engineer - Subscriptions foundation team
2022.04.06 - present
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  • Collaborated with PMs and engineers across the globe to improve web experience by implementing new designs and contributing to the internal design system.
  • Improved development process and CI/CD pipeline speed by optimizing Drone CI configuration.
  • Coordinated with stakeholders to plan and implement features for a smoother operational process, such as the scheduling feature of the subscription plan management page, and cancel and delete subscriptions on the customer management page using Typescript, React, and React-Hook-Form.
  • Onboarded and mentored new engineers to the team and help them to get familiar with codebases and the development process.
  • Implemented frontend web changes for subscription launch in new countries.
A leading global online games developer and publisher
Software Engineer, Frontend
2020.06.15 - 2022.03.25
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  • Participated in migrating the frontend project template from Vue2 to Vue3 plus Typescript.
  • Built a styleless component library for FreeFire projects that reduced development time by 16%.
  • Used Nuxt on marketing projects to support dynamic meta changing, and server-side rendering for better SEO.
  • Introduced Cypress for E2E test automation.
  • Contributed to internal auth library to simplify the login flow.
  • Collaborated with backend engineers to develop multiple revenue events using Javascript, Typescript, Vue2, Vue3, Vuex, VueI18n, Webpack, and SCSS.
An ed-tech startup that provides online courses for investors
Frontend Engineer
2019.11.11 - 2020.04.09
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  • Rebuilt customer-facing, internal dashboard, and content management frontend from scratch using React and Styled-Components.
  • Used React hooks and Context API for better code reusability and state management across components.
  • Created project manage page to handle video/image uploading, upload progress checking, and content editing.
  • Implemented pagination, filter, and debounce search on the explore page, allowing users to find their desired results efficiently.
  • Introduced input validation schema on all forms to catch errors and provide users with precise feedback.
  • Designed highly reusable React hooks to handle authorization, search, pagination, and image source checking.
  • Added Dark/light mode toggle for internal dashboard.
A startup that provides online courses
Frontend Engineer
2019.07.01 - 2019.10.31
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  • Visualized sales data with Chart.js to help the marketing team evaluate different strategies.
  • Implemented tracking with google tag manager on the whole site to help the product team improve user flow.
  • Created a feature to open modals across the site with URLs.
  • Switched all icons & illustrations to new ones and refactored multiple parts of the CSS codebase to follow BEM rules.
  • Built the frontend of group questions and certificate features to help users test and share their learning results.